Into the Great Beyond: Exploring the Next-Generation Digital Learning Environment

Wednesday, April 01 | 4:50PM–5:40PM | Room 550
Session Type: Professional Development
In partnership with the Gates Foundation, EDUCAUSE has been conducting research into next-generation digital learning environments. These online learning environments will take us beyond the LMS to fully support the needs of today's students and instructors. In the course of this research, EDUCAUSE has been exploring the characteristics, features, and barriers to adoption of these environments with a wide variety of experts and community thought leaders. In this session, we will discuss what we have learned through this research, arriving at a list of essential functionality for the successor to the LMS. Come prepared to co-explore this topic and help invent the future.

OUTCOMES: Understand the scope of a next-generation digital learning environment * Learn about the community's consensus on what this environment needs to be able to do * Explore the alignments of the research with your institution's academic strategies


  • Malcolm Brown

    Consultant, EDUCAUSE Alumni