Math Class Flips over Blended Team-Based Learning

Wednesday, April 01 | 2:50PM–3:40PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Math 100, a remedial class at Skidmore College, has traditionally been taught using a lecture-style format. With the assistance of Academic Technologies, we designed a course that used elements of team-based learning extended to blend with a flipped classroom approach. We prerecorded and posted all of the lectures and ensured student preparedness using Individual and Team Readiness Assessment Tests (iRATs and tRATs). After providing an interactive lecture, the students would immerse themselves in team applications. See how this innovative approach freed students from their math anxiety by creating a class atmosphere of empowerment and enthusiasm.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to capture lecture video using a Surface Pro and Ink2Go * Learn how to use RATs to ensure students complete preclass work * Learn how to create successful teams to increase student enthusiasm and engagement


  • Kelly Dempsey

    Senior Account Manager, Moodle US LLC