People Development Kit: Creating Organizations That Emphasize Growth

Wednesday, April 01 | 3:50PM–4:40PM | Room 554
Session Type: Professional Development
Professional development at work usually assumes a "fixed" context. It is designed with a task or a specific role in mind, to address an apparent gap. But there is another way to see development: as "growth," as increasing individual or team capacity in general, and as allowing improvement in deeper, more meaningful, more rewarding ways. This presentation will draw on adult developmental theory and recent workplace design to describe meaningful development and explain what it would mean to support it. Participants will be shown a kit of simple tools and strategies for integrating meaningful development into their workplaces.

OUTCOMES: Become familiar with adult developmental theory * Understand how to support the development of the individual in the workplace * Learn how to apply a variety of simple tools and techniques from the "people development kit" to your workplace


  • Dave Wedaman

    Organizational Development Consultant