The Idea Exchange: Maker Spaces in Higher Ed

Tuesday, March 31 | 12:30PM–1:20PM | Room 550
Session Type: Professional Development
Wellesley and Brandeis have taken different journeys on the path toward creating makerspaces, but the point at which they meet is rich with interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration. These two liberal arts institutions have both created makerspaces in the past year with a focus on providing access to emerging technologies and introducing users to an interdisciplinary approach to the practice, culture, and values of making. Come work together to build a NERCOMP makerspace toy box, where you can play with maker tools, take a 3D portrait, try out 3D scanning and modeling software, play with LittleBits circuits, visit a strange world in Oculus Rift, and more. Share your makerspace thoughts, ideas, paradigms, approaches, challenges, and triumphs. Feel free to come and go during this experimental, hands-on, and participatory session.

OUTCOMES: Plant the seeds for a community of practice around interdisciplinary higher ed makerspaces * Discover or learn to use a new tool * Understand how maker culture and mind-sets can help you create or improve your own makerspace


  • Rebecca Darling

    Assistant Director, Instructional Technology, Wellesley College
  • Ian Roy

    Director for Research Technology and Innovation / Founding Head of MakerLab / Adjunct Professor at IBS / Lecturer in Anthropology / Engineering, Brandeis University
  • Jordan Tynes

    Director, Academic Fabrication and Digital Design, Wellesley College

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