Why Is It So Hard to Change, and What Can We Do about It? Exploring the "Immunity to Change" - Sponsored by Workday, Gold Partner

Wednesday, April 01 | 10:30AM–11:45AM | Ballroom DE
Session Type: Professional Development
Heart doctors tell their seriously at-risk patients they will die if they don't change their behavior around diet, exercise, and smoking, and still only one in seven can make the changes. The average dieter regains more weight than he or she takes off. Why is it so hard for us to make changes we sincerely want to make—at home or at work—despite our smartest plans and most heartfelt intentions? World-renowned Harvard psychologist and award-winning author Robert Kegan draws on 30 years of research and practice in "mind-set psychology" to show us a hidden mechanism that compels us to generate the very behaviors that defeat our goal—and what we can do about it.