accessTufts: Leveraging Design Thinking and Enterprise Architecture to Reinvent and Enrich the Higher Ed Admin Work Experience

Wednesday, March 23 | 3:15PM–4:05PM | Room 553
Session Type: Professional Development
Tufts University is engaged in a prototyping effort, applying the benefits of design thinking and enterprise architecture to explore how a unified web portal to administrative services might enable our community to get work done, seamlessly and intuitively, through an interface that is comprehensive, easy to learn, and delightful to use. This is a human-centered design project that harnesses the collective skillsets of UX and service design to craft a superior user experience, and those of enterprise architecture to craft an intentional, scalable and integrated system of data flows that enable streamlined business processes.

Outcomes: Learn how to apply human-centered design methodologies to reinvent a service model * Discover how cloud integration (platform as a service) can "unsilo" vertical point solutions (including legacy ERP solutions), enhance system feedback, and improve documents/records management


  • Thomas Cox

    Director of Design Practice, Tufts University

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