Apple TV in the Classroom at Arcadia University

Wednesday, March 23 | 2:30PM–3:10PM | West Prefunction Area
Session Type: Professional Development
Apple TV has become a highly sought-after tool for educators, and Arcadia is no exception in desiring it for instructional purposes. Instructional Technology, A/V, Networking, and User Services at Arcadia have spent a lot of time with faculty and staff to develop a working Apple TV environment in which faculty and students can use this technology in an intuitive way that is also secure and administered in our network environment. We had multiple requests from classroom use as well as a solution for accessibility for a faculty member with physical limitations. This poster will showcase those needs and limitations, as well as what failed and what ultimately succeeded.

Outcomes: Learn how your IT team can adapt to the consumerization of technology * Learn about our strategy for overcoming obstacles like network and security limitations * Learn how Apple TV can be used in a variety of ways for a classroom setting


  • Tim Belloff

    Director of Information Technology Support Services, Arcadia University