Faculty iPads at Nichols and Fairfield: Comparing Two Projects to Transform Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, March 23 | 3:15PM–4:05PM | Room 551
Session Type: Professional Development
For two years, Nichols College and Fairfield University prepared unique projects to introduce iPads into their teaching and learning. At Nichols, the mobile pilot project involved research, training, and faculty/administrator discussions, ultimately leading to a one-to-one iPad pilot program, a team-based learning classroom, and a BYOD initiative. At Fairfield, the Academic Computing department used a campus-wide effort to upgrade classroom technology to promote next-generation computing and to make teaching with technology easier for faculty and more engaging for the students. Representatives from both schools will outline the processes they developed to test out their ideas, the data collected and the lessons learned, and their plans for moving their projects forward. Polling/questioning of the audience following the presentations will bring other schools' experiences into the conversation.

Outcomes: Understand the process Nichols College used when launching a three-pronged mobile initiative * Learn how to develop and introduce a mobile computing culture * Learn how to position mobile computing in contrast to desktop/laptop computing * Experience real-world iPad teaching examples


  • Jennifer Fleury

    Assistant Professor, Nichols College
  • Jay Rozgonyi

    Assoc. Vice Provost for Pedagogical Innovation & Effectiveness, Fairfield University

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