Rethinking the Faculty Role: The Disaggregated Approach at College for America

Wednesday, March 23 | 2:30PM–3:10PM | West Prefunction Area
Session Type: Professional Development
College for America uses a disaggregated faculty model to deliver its unique brand of online, competency-based college education to its students. Because CfA is an online college, technology is vital in facilitating our faculty model. This presentation will describe the disaggregated faculty model, explore how technology functions within the model, and delve into some technological benefits and challenges CfA has encountered in instituting, utilizing, and improving the model. Additionally, we will examine how technology can be used to foster an integrated, rewarding educational experience.

Outcomes: Learn how a disaggregated faculty model can be structured * Learn about the benefits and challenges to the disaggregated faculty model * Learn how technology allows the multiple roles in the disaggregated faculty model to work together


  • Kaitlin LeMoine

    Assistant Director, Curriculum and Assessment Development, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Mary Lizie

    Curriculum and Assessment Developer, Southern New Hampshire University