SEM01- Inclusive Services and Work Environments: What You Can Do (separate registration required)

Monday, March 21 | 2:00PM–6:00PM | Room 551
Session Type: Professional Development
How can information and technology services be more inclusive? What can managers and directors do to recruit a more diverse workforce and offer services that match the needs of a diverse student body? In this preconference session, participants will learn about unconscious bias, the efforts at Google to counter these biases, and the benefits of a diverse work place. We will cover the changing demographics of students and hear from institutions that have adapted or added services to meet the needs of their diverse student body.


  • Melba Acevedo

    Director, Instructional Technology & Online Learning, Northern Essex Community College
  • Michael Cato

    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Bowdoin College
  • Tina Finneran

    Senior Vice President for Institutional Research, Analytics & Consulting, Bowdoin College
  • Matt Maderos

    Associate Director, Client Services, Boston University