Secrets of Superspies

Wednesday, April 11 | 10:00am - 11:00am | Colorado Ballroom F
Session Type: Professional Development
Spies are unstoppable geniuses who can steal any information they want. Then there are the spy wannabes such as criminals, hackers, and even your employees. As good as spies are in stealing your information, however, they are as good at protecting their information. While some spy cases hit the newspapers, they are rare when compared with all the people out to get them. The fact is that they know the underlying ways to compromise information, so they know best how to protect immense amounts of information. Learn from actual cases of espionage, including some committed by our speaker, that help demonstrate the most cost-effective security programs for your organization.


  • Ira Winkler

    Author of Spies Among Us, and President, Internet Security Advisors Group

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