Changing Mind-Sets in Academia: How ISOs Can Leverage Faculty to Improve Privacy and Security

Wednesday, April 14 | 12:00PM–1:00PM | Peachtree Ballroom D/E (8th floor)
Session Type: Professional Development
While academia is often characterized as a cybersecurity risk to other critical infrastructures because of its values of openness and its lack of centralized control, it is also a national treasure with respect to the intellectual resources that it brings—ranging from educating future cybersecurity professionals to researching and discovering new knowledge and future solutions. Increasingly, academics are being called on as expert advisors to government and industry. How can our colleges and universities draw on this brain trust to improve information security within the higher education sector? This keynote will feature the results of academic research, including lessons learned from the Privacy Place, and offer insights into how security professionals can enlist their faculty to become partners in their information security programs.