Lone Star College System Works with Verizon to Implement ISO 27000 Series Standards for Campus-Wide Security

Tuesday, April 05 | 3:45PM–4:45PM | Bonham B/Third Level
Session Type: Professional Development
Lone Star College System, located in Texas with 90,000+ students and 14 campuses, has implemented a comprehensive information protection program to ensure that its students, faculty, and administration are protected from identity theft and computer crimes. In this presentation, learn how LSCS is using a comprehensive security assessment as part of a larger IT transformation program and ongoing planning for IT improvements. LSCS commissioned Verizon to conduct an information security assessment to determine voluntary compliance with the industry security standard ISO 27000 series and is planning a series of control, protection, and IT improvements on the results of this assessment.


  • Link Alander

    Vice Chancellor / Chief Information Officer - RETIRED, Lone Star College System