Peering into the Darkness: Implementing SIEM

Tuesday, April 05 | 5:00PM–6:30PM | Travis CD/Third Level
Session Type: Professional Development
This session will address the value that a successful SIEM implementation can bring to both medium and large institutions by increasing the visibility of system and network operations. Not all news, however, is good news: when embarking on a SIEM project, security professionals must also plan for technical and staffing problems. The challenges of SIEM implementation are multifaceted, including side effects, budget, scope, and system diversity. Specific strategies discussed will include project management techniques and SIEM architecture. Outcomes will be demonstrated that reveal the increased level of visibility for the overall network landscape, leading to dramatic decreases for incident response time.


  • Brian Basgen

    CIO, Emerson College
  • Kees Leune

    Assistant Professor, Adelphi University