Way Too Much Private Information! How We're Fixing the Problem at Our Place

Tuesday, April 05 | 5:00PM–6:30PM | Bonham D/Third Level
Session Type: Professional Development
Protecting private information presents challenges to higher educational institutions and often requires enterprise security initiatives. The universities represented on the panel will share lessons learned during their private information remediation efforts, both in the use of technology solutions such as Identity Finder and in the identification and destruction of hard-copy assets. These lessons learned will help member institutions develop effective practices in applying both technology and process to remediation efforts.


  • Jason Pickup

    Assistant Director Information Security and Policy, University of Rochester
  • Todd Plesco

    Director of Information Security, Chapman University
  • Tom Siu

    Chief Information Security Officer, Michigan State University
  • Ben Woelk

    Governance, Awareness, and Training Manager, Rochester Institute of Technology

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