Finally, a Two-Factor Solution for the Rest of Us

Tuesday, April 16 | 4:45PM–5:30PM | Salon E/F
Session Type: Professional Development
In 2004 Bill Gates predicted "the death of the password," yet reusable passwords persist because pragmatic alternatives have proven elusive, especially for the average user. Two-factor solutions have historically been considered the best complement to reusable passwords, but have been either too expensive or too complex for broad use. Penn has identified a two-factor solution based on Google's open-source multifactor authentication software. This talk will review common two-factor problems and mistakes, how Penn's research and pilot programs led us to pick the right solution, and what options and features are critical to ensuring success.


  • Joshua Beeman

    Assoc CIO and VP for IT, University of Pennsylvania
  • Melissa Muth

    Security Architect, University of Pennsylvania