Security Smackdown: End-User Awareness Programs vs. Technology Solutions

Tuesday, April 16 | 2:15PM–3:00PM | Salon E/F
Session Type: Professional Development
How effective is end-user security awareness education? Would it be better to allocate our scarce resources to improving our technology? Two members of the same information security team at the University of Pennsylvania will square off on opposite sides: "They'll never learn and they shouldn't have to!" versus "We're only as strong as our weakest user!" In a point-counterpoint format, we will consider various types of end-user awareness tools (blogs, videos, etc.) and the sorts of problems they aim to solve. We'll debate whether we are effectively reaching our end users and if technological alternatives are within our reach that can accomplish similar ends.


  • Christine Brisson

    Director, Information Security and Unix Systems, University of Pennsylvania
  • Justin Klein Keane

    Security Architect, Main Line Health

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