SEM01F-Positioning the Information Security Program as an Enterprise Resource (separate registration required)

Monday, April 15 | 9:30AM–5:30PM | Salon B
Session Type: Professional Development
This interactive session will provide an overview of areas such as expanding the information security program, gaining broad support, focusing direction, and planning for what comes next. Many information security seminars and classes focus either on specific areas of the security landscape or technical tools and methods. While these subjects provide useful information and skills needed to operate a security program, they do not offer sufficient guidance on the development of the information security program itself. This seminar will focus on the management and leadership issues necessary to launch and sustain a program. We will take a look at how to gain executive and institutional sponsorship, assess risk, examine staffing models, develop policy, raise campus-wide awareness, and explore measuring progress and resources available to virtually extend our institution's workforce. Participants will be given an opportunity to discuss and potentially address security issues from their own institutions.


  • Cathy Hubbs

    Chief Information Security Officer, American University
  • Eric Weakland

    Director, Information Security, American University