SEM02P-From Romania with Love (and Forensics) (separate registration required)

Monday, April 15 | 2:00PM–5:30PM | Salon A
Session Type: Professional Development
Very few companies are willing to share the details of their data compromise. In this session we are going to cover the full life cycle of a data breach. Instead of talking statistics, we're going to use facts from current, active investigations. We'll start with how the attacks are discovered and the human emotions that go along with them. We will go in-depth into how the attacker functions and operates within the victim's environment. This will include views into real malware and the forensic tools used during the investigations.

While many presentations stop at this point, we'll discuss the aftereffects of a breach within an organization, involving facts around financial and legal ramifications. We'll also cover rarely discussed problems such as contracts with third parties pre- and post-breach. Unpublished details of law enforcement's interactions will also be discussed as part of this life cycle.

Although the topic is forensics, this presentation will be presented in "plain English" for everyone to enjoy.