Best Practices Build Better Systems: Identity Assurance

Wednesday, May 07 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Session Type: Professional Development
Ready to nix your password-based authentication because of security concerns but can't? Looking to architect a better system until you can? Want best practices to help you? Consider attending this session, where you will learn about the identity-related practices developed by the higher education community, based on NIST standards and approved by the federal government. Find out how these practices can help you secure your systems through proper identity management and credentialing.

Obtain a set of practices that outline good credentialing practices approved by the federal government, comparable to NIST standards, and written for and by higher education * Get help implementing these practices from your colleagues, including community calls and online resources * Discover that these practices can be used to show due diligence (where else can you get practices with such a provenance?)


  • Ron Thielen

    IT Risk Management & Compliance, University of Chicago
  • Ann West

    AVP, Trust and Identity, Internet2

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