Build a Comprehensive School Security Program That "Secures Everything"

Wednesday, May 07 | 4:15PM–5:15PM | Gateway Ballroom 3
Session Type: Professional Development
The fear of losing student information to thieves, and the massive public relations nightmare that follows, is simply one of many challenge forcing schools to rethink their IT security strategy and to include security from the beginning of IT implementation. This session will provide a proprietary strategy to ensure that security enables IT system drivers, secures students' records and personal safety, and supports university strategic initiatives. We will cover the blueprints for building a thorough security program across endpoints, as well as mobile devices and tablets, for all administrators and end users.

Outcomes: Learn how to plan for security from the beginning of IT implementation * Learn about the "Internet of Things" and what you can do to secure your environment with them * Understand the bigger picture of how you can secure your school's information