Cryptographic Best Practices in the Post-Snowden Era

Thursday, May 08 | 11:30AM–1:00PM | Grand Ballroom Salon C/D
Session Type: Professional Development
Regardless of what you think about Edward Snowden's actions, his revelations have triggered a community-wide review of Internet cryptographic standards and practices, and due to court orders served on Lavabit (Snowden's ISP), we now know that even private keys may be subject to compulsory disclosure. Because all cryptographically secured traffic may be getting routinely vacuumed up for later potential decryption, there's new interest in cipher suites offering forward secrecy. Cryptogeek or not, join us for a review of what we now know, your organization's vulnerabilities, and how you can best protect your privacy at home and abroad.

Understand the threats to your cryptographic security and privacy in the post-Snowden era * Learn how to technically identify and correct weaknesses in your current cryptographic infrastructure, including poor cipher choices, easily exportable private keys, etc. * Learn how to get involved with the cryptographic community, including things like the IETF PERPASS group


  • Joe St Sauver

    Distinguished Scientist and Director of Research, Farsight Security, Inc.

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