Multifactor Authentication: Reporting from the Field

Thursday, May 08 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Gateway Ballroom 4
Session Type: Professional Development

A panel discussion with representatives from the Medical University of South Carolina and Northern Arizona University will explore the results of multifactor initiatives at each of our campuses. We will address such burning topics as: Why go to all trouble? How did we get buy-in from leadership? What products are we using and why? What were our challenges, and what might we do differently? We will welcome your questions and experiences.


Understand what it takes to implement multifactor authentication for a large university population * Learn techniques for successful communication with diverse stakeholders, including faculty, staff, and students * Learn how we benefited from combining a multifactor initiative with a mobile device management initiative


  • Lanita Collette

    Deputy CIO, CISO, The University of Arizona
  • Richard Gadsden

    Information Security Officer, Medical University of South Carolina

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