Protecting the Commodores: How Vanderbilt Has Drastically Reduced Malware Infections with Cloud Security

Wednesday, May 07 | 4:15PM–5:15PM | Grand Ballroom Salon E/F
Session Type: Professional Development
With more than 35,000 IT users, Vanderbilt operates more like a small city than a university. Protecting its networks, users, and assets against cyberthreats while balancing the needs of various constituents is an epic challenge. In this session, the presenter from Vanderbilt will explain why he selected the Umbrella by OpenDNS cloud security service to provide flexible, nonintrusive, and agent-less protection against malware infections at the university. Both presenters will then discuss how Umbrella uses a DNS-based infrastructure and predictive security techniques to secure desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and how it has drastically reduced malware infections at Vanderbilt.

OUTCOMES: Learn how Umbrella by OpenDNS has dramatically reduced malware infections at Vanderbilt using transparent, agentless, predictive security to protect desktops and mobile devices, regardless of their location


  • Sal Ortega

    Director of Security Operations, Vanderbilt University