Protecting Your Internet Privacy: When Nation States Are Involved

Thursday, May 08 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Gateway Ballroom 1
Session Type: Professional Development
Currently, the NSA and other nations' espionage agencies are collecting vast amounts of data on their citizens and foreign nationals. When you browse your e-mails, your social media postings are now being data mined for "security risks." This presentation will introduce some tools and techniques to minimize the leakage of your digital travels (digital stealth). In addition, all these technologies have an impact on the visibility that a security professional needs to be able to find dangerous behavior and malware. Tools and techniques to deal with the digital-stealth technologies will be discussed.

Learn ways to minimize your digital footprints * Learn ways to manage these types of technologies * Learn about the extent of the government's involvement with ISPs, social media, and cloud storage providers


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