Scaling DLP for Higher Education

Wednesday, May 07 | 4:15PM–5:15PM | Grand Ballroom Salon A
Session Type: Professional Development
In this session, we will cover the process of evaluating, acquiring, and deploying a comprehensive data leakage prevention solution in the complex University of Massachusetts environment, which comprises several independent campuses, each with its own security and compliance needs. We will go over the varied approaches universities can take for both discovering and remediating sensitive data at the source. Further, we will review the best practices for achieving an effective policy across all departments and endpoints. An open question-and-answer period will follow the overview.

Outcomes: Understand how sensitive data management solutions can be deployed, scaled, and executed in complex environments * Discern the compliance and data-breach prevention problems SDM solutions solve * Learn about industry-recommended best practices to fully accommodate the SDM life cycle


  • Chris Arold

  • Chris Misra

    Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, University of Massachusetts Amherst