SEM02A-Application Hacking Demo (separate registration required)

Tuesday, May 06 | 9:30AM–1:00PM | Grand Ballroom Salon B
Session Type: Professional Development
We all see news stories about compromises and have seen vulnerability classifications, but how do attacks come together in real life? This session will demonstrate how real attackers use flaws in applications to break into systems. Participants will receive a virtual machine, built and modeled after a production application server, and learn how it can be compromised in order to better understand defensive countermeasures as well as the value of proactive application scanning and security review.

Please Note: Participants will be required to bring a laptop with Oracle's VirtualBox software installed and will receive a copy of the target virtual machine along with an attack platform with all necessary tools installed.

Understand how real-world application attacks occur * Gain familiarity with the tools, tactics, and methodologies used to attack applications as well as how to defend infrastructure * Break into then gain administrator access on the target virtual machine and understand how to use common attack tools


  • Justin Klein Keane

    Security Architect, Main Line Health