Sensitive Information Is Pouring through the Floodgates

Wednesday, May 07 | 5:30PM–6:30PM | Grand Ballroom Salon B
Session Type: Professional Development

How many people come to work each day carrying smartphones and tablets not realizing that they have opened the floodgates, leaking sensitive information around the world without even knowing it? As technology continues to infiltrate our daily personal and professional lives, the responsibility for security lies within each and every person, regardless of how technically savvy one might be. As such, the need to provide effective awareness training and back that knowledge up with institutional policies becomes critical. This is the vulnerability your firewall and IPS will never detect and can't stop.


Learn effective awareness training techniques * Learn about essential information security policies * Learn how to adapt to the changing technology landscape


  • Forrest Swick

    Senior Security Engineer, University of Northern Colorado

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