Successful Mentoring Relationships for Career Development

Tuesday, May 06 | 5:45PM–6:45PM | Grand Ballroom Salon A
Session Type: Professional Development

Participation in mentoring activities can be a key success factor in your career development. But how do you start? How do you find the right mentor or set of mentors for your situation? What should the focus of your conversations be? This session will help you with these questions and help you understand what to focus on in mentee/mentor conversations. This session will cover important mentoring resources, benefits, styles, and functions and setting expectations. Whether you want to find a mentor or a coach, or want to be one, join this lively session—make a difference in your career planning and development.


  • Cathy Bates

    Associate Partner, Vantage Technology Consulting Group
  • David Seidl

    Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Miami University
  • Theresa Semmens

    Chief Information Security Officer, Nevada System of Higher Education
  • Melissa Woo

    Executive Vice President for Administration & CIO, Michigan State University

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