Using Shodan for the .edu

Wednesday, May 07 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | Grand Ballroom Salon E/F
Session Type: Professional Development

Ever hear of the Shodan computer search engine? This project scans the Internet, collects banners from exposed systems' services, and places them in a searchable database. We'll discuss Shodan's capabilities, along with the API and search strategies you can apply to your .edu security efforts. Learn how to discover exposed devices ranging from misconfigured network devices to VoIP phones, vulnerable printers, critical building management systems, and more, all without sending a single packet or scanning. Your .edu has IPs on the Internet and is scanned by Shodan; attackers can use Shodan against you, so why not use it to your advantage first?


Learn about Shodan and how to leverage it to gain insight into your .edu network's Internet presence * Obtain a suite of valuable and practical search terms to help you prioritize your .edu's risk reduction and security posture improvement goals * Receive contact information to get special Shodan .edu access at no cost


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