Cradle to the Grave: Building a Next-Gen Identity and Access Management Program

Wednesday, April 20 | 10:15AM–11:45AM | Fifth Avenue Room, Grand Level, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Are you thinking about modern and next-generation identity management? You should be, because your students demand it! Each year, new students enter the university as digital natives and have a low tolerance for any organization that cannot serve their personal needs. Despite this trend, universities are still using old, homegrown identity management suites to deal with a world of new challenges. But how do you build acceptance for something this foundational across the different areas of your university? The University of Oklahoma is building an inclusive modern IAM platform, and we invite you to look at IAM differently.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to engage your organization and community to improve IAM * Develop new strategies for the changing world of IAM * Understand pitfalls you are likely to encounter


  • David Shields

    Managing Director - Identity, Access and Risk Management, University of Oklahoma

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