Cybersecurity Insurance: The Fundamentals and Value Before the Breach

Tuesday, April 19 | 10:45AM–11:15AM
Session Type: Professional Development
Every college and university using technology to deliver services to students, faculty, and staff face cyber risk. As security professionals, we understand critical security controls are a set of actions implemented to mitigate these risks. Another way to manage risk is to transfer the risk via the purchase of cybersecurity insurance, which has created a new vocabulary for security professionals. This session will decrypt cybersecurity insurance into an understandable and purposeful risk-management tool and outline resources and services provided through cybersecurity insurance policies that help identify and reduce risk, thus adding value before you have a breach.

OUTCOMES: Learn about cybersecurity insurance policies and resources available from them * Understand insurance vocabulary and how to use cybersecurity insurance as a risk mitigation control in your institution * Learn how to review your own insurance policies and how your Information Security and Risk Management programs can benefit from these policies before a breach


  • Patrick Feehan

    Information Security & Privacy Director, Montgomery College
  • Brian Kelly

    Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), Compass IT Compliance

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