Securing the Science DMZ and Research

Tuesday, April 19 | 12:15PM–12:45PM
Session Type: Professional Development
As more institutions leverage grants around big data, many organizations are creating Science DMZs to enable this research. We want to help shift the discussion away from the common misconception that a Science DMZ means you are bypassing campus security and leaving your data unprotected. We are hoping to pull together people to develop some best practices around security to form a consensus around methods for securing a Science DMZ that schools can implement and take to research administration, auditors, risk officers, and security officers to help allay fears to encourage adoption.OUTCOME: Learn that other campuses are interested in securing the Science DMZ and integrating it into a campus's security program


  • Damian Doyle

    Deputy CIO, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Nick Lewis

    Program Manager, Security and Identity, Internet2

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