Security and Privacy Standards for Body Cam Law Enforcement Video on Campuses

Tuesday, April 19 | 4:15PM–4:45PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Information technology professionals know from their experience with network data and content that body worn cameras and the content that they capture are rife with privacy, security, and standards related issues. In this online presentation we will review some of the national and institutional policy issues, campus procedural approaches with vendors, stakeholders and constituents in the use of this technology, and information management of its content. The presentation will include some speaker observations and plenty of participant contributions. Bring your stories!

OUTCOMES: Appreciate the legal and reputation liability exposure of unregulated use of BWC by campus law enforcement * Gain a framework for policy on surveillance and process for stakeholder buy-in * Understand the CJIS standard, IT, and trusted cloud vendor component of a successful BWC policy and process