SEM01A-EDUCAUSE Security 2016 Secure Code Champion Challenge (separate registration required)

Monday, April 18 | 9:30AM–1:00PM | Cascade Ballroom I, Mezzanine Level, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Security begins and ends with developers. They write the code, and if there are vulnerabilities found during the testing or review phases, they have to fix the code. It should be every IT organization's goal to hire and retain developers that write secure code instinctively so that secure coding practices and checkpoints become integrated into every phase of the software development lifecycle. Join fellow developers and security professionals to test your secure coding skills in a competitive environment against other challengers using the SecureCodeWarrior web-based hands-on corporate education platform. The winner will receive the "EDUCAUSE Security 2016 Secure Code Champion" title and prize.

OUTCOMES: Learn that building secure coding skills is not a one-off knowledge-transfer effort but requires continuous practice *Build vulnerability pattern recognition skills that will make you a better developer when doing real work * Evaluate the leading hands-on platform available for secure code skill education, evaluation, and benchmarking