Successful CISO Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Tuesday, April 19 | 2:00PM–2:30PM
Session Type: Professional Development
CISOs are the senior information security executives for universities, and as such they have to be experienced IT leaders and knowledgeable about security. They influence leaders all around the university, with little or no formal authority. The speaker will introduce the competencies necessary to be a successful CISO and why they are critical for success; give an introduction to leadership itself, contrasting it with management and emphasizing its importance; talk in detail about conflict resolution; explore the reasons for conflict, differentiating good and bad conflict; and provide a framework for resolving healthy conflict.

OUTCOMES: Better understand what you need to work on to become a CISO * Gain another tool for your campus toolbox


  • Don Welch

    Vice President for Information Technology and Chie, New York University

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