Extending the BeyondCorp Model to Higher Education

Tuesday, August 21 | 1:50PM–2:20PM ET
Session Type: Virtual
Higher education has always struggled with information security because of a unique mix of IT needs coupled with smaller overall budgets and stretched staff workloads. The complexity of security solutions has traditionally made it very difficult for IT staff to find the right balance of security and usability for their varied user base. Faculty, students, alumni, staff, and many others are accessing information from more places on more devices than ever before. Add into that a mix of online students, guest faculty and lecturers, and students on multiple campuses. The traditional network perimeter is no longer good enough to protect sensitive information. These new security risks motivated Duo to develop a novel security approach based on Google's BeyondCorp security architecture —a radical shift from traditional perimeter-based security models. This approach assumes a zero-trust environment across the organization, ensuring that no traffic within an enterprise's network is, by default, any more trustworthy than traffic coming in from the outside. Today, BeyondCorp has been validated by several major multinational organizations such as Coca-Cola and Mazda. Learn more about Duo's pioneering commercial BeyondCorp product that has been deployed by hundreds of organizations to reduce their security risks and why this model may work for higher education information security programs.

: Discover more about the BeyondCorp security model * Understand how BeyondCorp fits into the security framework of higher education * Learn how to provide unrestricted and easy access to faculty, staff, and students from anywhere and on any device securely


  • Hunter Ely

    Higher Education Strategist, Palo Alto Networks

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