Gap Analysis: Smart Strategies for Identifying Courses Impeding Student Success

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We will describe methodology for identifying undergraduate courses in which failures and/or withdrawals impede student progression to degree. Using the differences between predicted and actual student outcomes—gap analysis—we will show how we uncovered courses at all levels in which actual D/F/W rates were greater than predicted and so warranted further investigation, as well as courses that were exceeding expectations despite high D/F/W rates and so should be left alone or emulated. Further examination of the former identified underlying issues, such as course sequencing, staffing, and scheduling, which can be easily, quickly, and inexpensively addressed.

Outcomes: Explore gap analysis * Understand how gap analysis could be applied at your institution to identify courses at all levels that might be impeding student success * Obtain examples of easy and inexpensive solutions to problems identified through gap analysis


  • Bill Bloemer

    Research Associate, University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Len Bogle

    Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Scott Day

    Professor, University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Karen Swan

    Stukel Professor, University of Illinois at Springfield

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    Updated on 1/26/2024