On Innovation, Extended Reality, and Digital Transformation

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What are the benefits of and barriers to institutional innovation in higher education? How is institutional innovation related to the how much extended reality (XR) technologies are valued and deemed important to the future of higher education? Are some XR technologies more important than others to the future of higher education? Are there disciplinary differences in the potential value placed on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies? How are XR technologies contributing to campus conversations about digital transformation (Dx) in higher ed institutions? These are just some of the questions to be addressed as we debut the results of our most recent survey about these three important topics for teaching and learning in higher education.

Outcomes: Understand the current range of application for XR technologies in higher education * Understand the relationship of institutional capacity for innovation and the deployment of XR technologies * Understand how XR technologies are being used across different academic disciplines


  • D. Christopher Brooks

    Senior Analyst, The Tambellini Group
  • Malcolm Brown

    Consultant, EDUCAUSE Alumni

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