What We Have Learned from 10 Years of [email protected]

Tuesday, October 18 | 9:00PM–9:00PM
Session Type: Resources
Although the majority of U.S. higher education institutions are engaged in online learning, few have achieved widespread adoption or strategic impact. This session will describe the development of [email protected] and how it became an institution-wide strategic initiative and a force for the improvement of teaching and learning at the University of Central Florida.
WINNER: 2005 EDUCAUSE Award for Systemic Progress in Teaching & Learning. Award sponsored by WebCT, An EDUCAUSE Gold Partner.


  • Charles Dziuban

    Director RITE, University of Central Florida
  • Joel Hartman

    Retired - July 2020, University of Central Florida
  • Barbara Truman

    Strategic Advisor, Immersive Learning & Collaboration, University of Central Florida