Seminar 13P - Ensuring Quality in Online and Blended Programs (separate registration required)

Tuesday, October 15 | 1:30PM–5:00PM | Meeting Room 213B
Session Type: Professional Development
As the demand for blended and online learning opportunities increases, so does the need to ensure the quality. A recent study reported that "the number of students taking online courses will grow by 22.8% and that those taking blended courses will grow even more over the next 2 years" (Picciano et al. 2012, 128). With the increase in the diffusion of blended and online programming across higher educational institutions, stakeholders are looking for ways to ensure the quality of the student experience. This workshop will provide a collaborative and interactive opportunity to connect with colleagues to consider and construct how the quality of blended and online programs can be ensured through faculty development and training, evidence of instructional competence, recognition of excellence, constructive evaluation and feedback, and community-building opportunities among instructors and staff.


  • Tanya Joosten

    Senior Scientist + Director, Digital Learning R&D + DETA Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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