Campus Experience with Internet2 NET+ Cloud Service for Data Storage and Collaboration (Box)

Tuesday, September 30 | 12:40PM–1:30PM | Meeting Room W205B/C
Session Type: Professional Development

Panelists from Clemson University, University of Michigan, Indiana University, University of California Merced and California State University San Marcos will share their experience deploying the collaborative cloud storage solution, an Internet2 NET+ Cloud Service. Topics will include federated authentication, security, account provisioning and deprovisioning, support impact for groups, LMS integration, FERPA and HIPAA, and the NET+ program value.

OUTCOMES: Learn how Box has solved many secure storage issues that can be shared with noncampus collaborators * Learn the basics of campus integration strategies for authentication, support, provisioning, and deprovisioning * Hear four campus perspectives on security and policy (HIPAA, FERPA) for Box as a storage solution


  • Bob Flynn

    Program Manager, Cloud Infrastructure and Platform, Internet2
  • Nichole Kosier

  • Laurie Sherrod

    Information Resource Consultant II, Clemson University
  • MaryBeth Stuenkel

    Independent Consultant, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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