Improving Student Success with Analytics

Thursday, October 02 | 10:10AM–11:00AM | Meeting Room W312A-C
Session Type: Professional Development

SUNY Oswego and VSU deployed different systems that provided valuable information about identification and support for at-risk students. While SUNY Oswego implemented Starfish EARLY ALERT, VSU implemented Oracle Business Intelligence. In this presentation we will discuss why each university chose the products they did, their implementation process, and the results they have achieved so far.

OUTCOMES: Understand how early identification of at-risk students affects their academic success * Learn the planning process for implementation of retention support systems * Recognize the importance for student success of communication channels created between student, support staff, and faculty


  • Brian Haugabrook

    Specialist Leader, Deloitte
  • Greg Ketcham

    Assistant Dean, Extended Learning, SUNY College at Oswego

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