Time for an Upgrade of IT Governance

Monday, March 23 | 4:45PM–5:30PM | King Arthur's Court/Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Four years after adopting an inclusive IT Governance and Prioritization process, we've completed 188 projects, spending $8.4 million and expending 250,000 hours. To maximize prioritization efficiency and collaboration, we conducted a formal review to evaluate the success of the process and provide recommendations for changes. While the successes showed vast improvement, there were criticisms. By interviewing 65 critical leaders and end users, we have received an honest diagnosis and a detailed prescription for improvements. We will describe the history of our governance, best practices in project prioritization, and cultural concerns and how the process has evolved to create a collegial and transparent method for prioritization.


  • Kelly Block

    Assoc. VP for Admin. IT Services, University of Illinois Central Administration
  • Michael Hites

    Chief Information Officer, Southern Methodist University

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