EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2010

The EDUCAUSE Mid–Atlantic Regional Conference was held January 13–15, 2010. We met at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel to:

  • Connect with innovators and forward thinkers and learn about current and emerging best practices in higher education information services.
  • Collaborate with others in positions similar to yours to exchange experiences and explore ways to tackle common challenges.
  • Contribute your uncommon thinking for the common good in numerous discussion sessions and networking venues.

This year’s conference, “Opportunity in Adversity,” paid special attention to the impact of the broader economic climate on higher education. Although showing initial signs of recovery, the economy didn’t promise either rapid improvement or a complete return to earlier conditions, even over the long term. Paradoxically, the most innovative, creative, and deeply transformational insights—“uncommon thinking for the common good”—can emerge from such challenging circumstances. This conference highlighted uncommon thinking not only as the path to practical solutions that will allow us to work efficiently in these tough times but also as a way to generate revolutionary ideas that change the very nature of our work. By combining the practical and the revolutionary, this conference helped attendees turn adversity into opportunity and transform obstacles into stepping stones on their campuses.

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