Meet the Expert: P2P Update

Thursday, February 18 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | Capitol Ballroom E
Session Type: Professional Development
What are the requirements and options governing how campus networks deal with P2P now and in the future? Not a month has gone by in the past couple of years without a major news story related to the battle between the content industry and peer-to-peer file sharing over campus networks. While the RIAA has announced an end to lawsuits targeting individual users (including students), DMCA notices arrive at an ever-higher volume, and commercial ISPs have agreed (or have they?) to a "three strikes" policy. Ruckus has joined CDigix as a failed commercial source of online music, while Choruss and Noank dangle the carrot of a new business model based on blanket licensing. Meanwhile, Tennessee now requires all campuses in the state to explain why they receive as many DMCA notices as they do; similar legislation has passed one house in Illinois, and legislative hearings have taken place in California and Texas. What are the final rules related to the P2P provisions in the Higher Education Authorization Act?


  • Steve Worona

    Speaker/Consultant, Chestnut Hill Policy Center

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