Wrangling Digitization Projects: Lessons Learned from the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project at Baylor University

Friday, February 19 | 10:45AM–11:30AM | Capitol Ballroom A-C
Session Type: Professional Development
The Black Gospel Music Restoration Project at Baylor University has been a valuable learning experience for handling the challenges of specialized digitization requirements, fragile materials management, digital preservation standards, process workflow, and long-term storage of very large digital data resources. The presentation will cover the history of the BGMRP, appropriate equipment and standards, workflow development, large-volume data storage and backup requirements, and lessons learned along the way. The project serves as an example for process management, the technology infrastructure needed for high-volume (multi-terabyte-scale) files, and collaboration with libraries, private collectors, and technology cooperatives such as the Texas Digital Library.


  • Tim Logan

    Associate VP - Library & Academic Technology Services, Baylor University
  • Darryl Stuhr

    Assistant Director, Digital Projects, Baylor University