Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2011

The Ninth Annual EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, January 12–14, 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland, was a huge success. Colleagues from the region connected and learned from each other. Together we:

Connected with innovators and forward thinkers to learn about current and emerging best practices in higher education information services.

Collaborated with others in similar positions to exchange experiences and explore ways to tackle common challenges.

Contributed our experiences to help the common good of higher education through discussion sessions and networking opportunities.

This year's conference, "Setting a New Course for the Future," focused on meeting the changing needs of learners, faculty, researchers, and administrators through innovation—while continuing to support the critical IT infrastructure. We emphasized the importance of working together to develop the most effective practices for the future as well as providing strategic leadership from wherever we are in our organizations to achieve our mutual goals. As EDUCAUSE President Diana Oblinger has noted, "the future of higher education will involve change."

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