Designing Learning Spaces: Collaborative Development of Best Practices

Wednesday, January 12 | 5:45PM–6:30PM | Harborside Ballroom A
Session Type: Professional Development
This session will provide participants with the opportunity to hear about a science and technology learning space renovation where we enjoyed a particularly high level of faculty satisfaction in classroom design and technology integration. We credit this to the use of a standards-based technology model and highly inclusive planning process that provided lots of faculty input without "analysis paralysis." The end result was a building with classrooms that met the faculty vision without breaking the bank, or the backs of support providers.

In the session we'll share the approach we took to encouraging faculty participation in a structured way, see the before and after photos to demonstrate the scale of the project and the results of the planning, and then discuss the technology foundation document that we used to establish the baseline from which we built the individual technology plans for the teaching spaces.

The interactive element of our session will involve having the attendees work in groups using Google Docs to examine the technology foundation document, which is now two years old, further refine it using the many perspectives in the room and make it current again.

If you're planning on attending the session, please prepare a bit by (a) creating a gmail or Google Apps for Education account to use while collaborating in the foundation document (b) send your email address to [email protected] so we can share the document with you in advance and (c) charge up and bring along your laptop or iPad so you can work with a group during the session.


  • Steve Fabiani

    Vice President for Digital Innovation and Tech, Hofstra University
  • Peg McManus

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