Migrating to an Enterprise E-Portfolio Solution

Thursday, January 13 | 12:45PM–1:30PM | Harborside Ballroom E
Session Type: Professional Development
The former e-portfolio product in use at the university was deemed insufficient to become either a scalable or robust enterprise-level solution to meet the needs of a broader array of end users. The presenter spearheaded due diligence work in investigating e-portfolio applications, vetting them, testing them, selecting one, and piloting it. Collaboration with various constituencies was an integral part of the process. This presentation highlights that process and includes video testimonials from practitioners. Charts illustrate the rapid adoption and use of the new product. Sample e-portfolios illustrate the breadth of use by students to date in various disciplines.


  • Mike Scheuermann

    Retired IT Professional / Adjunct Online Faculty, Drexel University
  • Rich Varenas

    Analyst Programmer IX, Drexel University

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